Participating Artists


Lucia Cristerna Aragón

Lucia Cristerna Aragón is a visual artist who is influenced by her Mexican heritage and her current surroundings in Norway. She works primarily between the mediums of wall paintings, video projections, printmaking and drawing, in which she questions the boundaries between socio political matters and the intangible myths and beliefs across cultures. Her artwork goes from intimate etchings as visual poetry to large scale wall paintings in public spaces.

Izabela Żółcińska

Izabela Żółcińska is a polish born artist based in Norway. She graduated at Fine Art Academy in Poznań in Poland. Zolcinska is interested in corporeality as a connection between organisms and inorganic matter. Particularly she interprets phenomena of fluids’ migration. She introduced the Capillary System as a visual language expressed in several realizations. Her interdisciplinary work explores sensory perception,  cognitive science, technology, anatomy, fluid mechanics, hydrology and architecture. Her projects take the form of: drawing, embroidery, sculpture, installation including installations in public space.  Recently she worked with land art installation and meeting with nature in 1:1 scale, refresh her philosophy working with term of public.



itzel esquivel

Itzel Esquivel, recently based in Oslo and graduated at The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2017.  Esquivel’s works, created in different techniques, reflects about minorities, micropolitics and violence, specifically gender violence from her native context: Mexico City. The pieces derived from this reflection, point out to the contradictions between Official History and micro-narratives; and in some cases, her pieces work as a sort of measuring devices. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, including Portrait/Anti-portrait (Art Faculty at UNAM, ENPEG La Esmeralda, Mexico City, 2017), The Eleventh Edition of the Contemporary Art Biennial Puebla de los Ángeles (Puebla, Mexico, 2017), The Third Edition of the Contemporary Art Biennial CMUCH (Puebla, Mexico, 2017), The Tenth Edition of the Contemporary Art Biennial Puebla de los Ángeles (Puebla, Mexico, 2017), and she has been recently pre-selected to be part of Bienal Sur, Argentina 2019. Her work has been published in La Jornada and Didasko Magazine.

Araiz Mesanza

Araiz Mesanza (1983 Basque Country/Spain) is an artist and illustrator. She received her 5 years BFA from the Basque University of Art (Bilbao), and she holds a 3 years specialisation in illustration from the Art and design centre Escola Massana (Barcelona). She has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2009 and in 2011 she co-founded Ediciones Armadillo, an artist collective and publishing outlet releasing an annual collaborative illustration fanzine and other publications. Having relocated to Oslo in autumn of 2016 Mesanza has continued working as a independet illustrator and visual artist. Lately her personal projects has largely focused on exploring her relationship with her new surroundings, mainly around nature, through drawings, paintings and small installations.



Anas Salameh

Anas Salameh is an Palestinian visual, animation and cartoon artist. He now lives in Norway and have been working on a number of exhibitions and works in public space in Norway and elsewhere. One of his most important work is a large serie of drawings and paintings from the everyday life in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus. The images have no colours and made with coffee and other everyday products. Salameh works mainly with painting and drawing, but also with installations and works in public space. A recent work is Fargelegg Ski with KORO.

jakub baloun

Jakub Baloun (b.1990, Czechoslovakia) is a visual artist based in Oslo. He has worked with photography since he was 10 years old and combines his great interest in car culture and travelling with exploring connections. It has led to a number of works, such as "Dear Life", where photographing a series of events on an intersection led to two years long investigation of relationships in the city of Oslo. At the moment he studies service design at Westerdals and currently works on a mobile art residency project where he wishes to send various artists on a journey to self realisation and inner peace.